Thursday, 9 August 2012

MaxVisits- Buy Targeted Web Traffic

Today, I came across a website called that sells a service to website and blog owners to buy target web traffic at a low price.  I decided to do a search the on net for reviews on and came across some folks who found buying web traffic from very favorable.  I must honestly admit I am still not convince, so I am going submit this blog post to for their free-trial offer in hope’s of receiving 5000 free USA web visitors.  I will give an update at a later blog post if I received 5000 USA web visitors, and if it really works.

If this is real human traffic and can bring me some sales, i will buy the traffic from

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Site Construction Is Completed Is Just The Beginning

Site construction industry, many customers on the phone consulting business, we often say 'build a website how much money? 'If he refused to offer will be higher, if the lower price, the customer is likely to feel very affordable. But everyone knows the completion of the construction site is just the beginning.

Indicates completion of the construction site to build a successful platform, but also as business cards just finished, but if your card is placed in the bag, do not come to the hair, then no one will know what you are doing, so the construction site promote the completion of only a beginning.

Website like airs, stand up fight, the next step is to fill the content, if the content is incomplete or of a business bias, even if visitors come, it will not be to retain, so perfect is the content of the details need to be very Note.

Network service providers to follow up, the general site construction is completed in terms of network service providers is the beginning of service, the service determines the quality of customer value reflected. Good service is not no better promotion.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Obama: America's best advertising!

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"Internet President" Barack Obama - America's best advertising

Obama elected president, the achievements of the first black president in U.S. history, the American dream, he also represents the achievements of advertising, marketing, public relations evolution and development, along with new media and digital technology, the rapid development of the U.S. election also more in-depth and interactive way to build relationships with voters, get voters' loyalty and trust. 

Obama's victory has created many firsts: first black U.S. president, first refused to use government-provided public campaign funds ($ 84,000,000) of the president, even Obama also became the first American "Internet President" - because his campaign has greatly the advantage of using the Internet, web2.0, attracting a large number of "long tail" and grassroots power, and eventually succeeded. 

Let's feel the Obama "network marketing." 

Video sites spread - the power of new media use of vivid 

Obama was a community created by, well aware of the power network in this campaign, he also picked up a line of work, his campaign team have created a social network to promote Obama's influence in the network. Obama has a Facebook group that contains 2.3 million supporters, and in the most popular video site YouTube, just one week, his campaign team uploaded 70 Obama-related video. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


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Currently advertising the advertising industry there are two sources, one is out from school, their school is advertising, art and other professional, the other is halfway out of the kill, does not have relevant ads learned profession, but Because some of the opportunity, has become advertising. No matter what source you are, this does not affect you to be good advertising. So, no matter what source you are, as an advertising man, you in the end it is appropriate to advertise?

Industry to become a good person, must have many qualities. Advertising industry is also true. Here I talk about two basic qualities.

Idea - the basis for creative
When people see a message, probably there will be two reactions: one is happy or angry or emotional changes, and then formed their own information within the brain, began feedback; one is indifferent, any idea at all. If the former were fortunate enough to become the advertising, I'm not saying he will be able to write good copy, come up with good ideas; but at least for advertising the job. Advertising people do not - global brand network - much more afraid of you want to dream, is not afraid of the idea. Therefore, this latter one really is not suitable for advertising.

Advertising people have the idea, the idea can only become idea, in order to become creative. No creative advertising as the rice bowl of your rice, every grain of the same, is not to draw attention. Did not even pay attention to ads due doomed to fail.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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Become a real ad designers are the most basic expectations. But it is the most basic, but refused a considerable proportion of the creative youth. Have tasted, there is often inaccessible, there is the name of name through the streets many years of experience narcissistic layman.

As a good advertisement designer must have its own representative works, and good advertising design work you need to go through the market tempered. "The real advertising designer," in essence, to reach some kind of height, height, or how to achieve this has been hovering at the door. Certainly need such as "software operating proficiency," "aesthetic appreciation" "print knowledge," and so the general template of the job requirements described in the "solid basic skills", such expertise would not have said, is certainly to be enhanced, and there is no shortcut to take. Charging means is varied.


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Packaging design strategy

The hearts of consumers is the ultimate marketing market. It's multi-dimensional consumer psychology and differences determine the packaging must have a multi-dimensional emotional appeal to attract a specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase. Sales packaging is the epitome of marketing strategy, packaging design of the psychological strategy is very logical promotional ideas, it not only from the visual to attract specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior, but also from the psychological to capture the excitement and consumer desire to purchase.

Divergent psychological
Especially young people, like different, like divergent, strange, innovative, tried to look for opportunities to express themselves. The kind of consumer product packaging for the target market can be taboo with a bold use of color, the shape of the break with tradition and in the logo it trumpets "a new generation of choice" in order to guide the trend of creating fashion. However, such a consumer's psychological instability and unpredictable, fickle fashion, so its sales packaging is a high-risk high-return attempt.


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First, what is the designer

I also like the original designer said he was a few years of foreign design school is to learn a lot, but really have not learned the man! Many people's eyes, the designer is a noble profession, is the envy of other professional, but not if you just started, if it is less than 30 years old, it is recommended that you do not call themselves designers. Why do I say, listening to a little hurt, as his age one day big up, also read a lot about these things, see a reason, 30-year-old man before the first study, after 30 years of age do designers, Because that did not experience life, how can a designer, simply do not know the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar where to put the best cook, so what should the design.

Second, it may still be a man, perhaps the industry's competitive now it really is too intense, a lot of people have done to the designers of a new interpretation.