Thursday, 8 December 2011


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INTERNET this information when you enjoy the ocean travel, you will find many content-rich, innovative, and unique personal web page design, you do not know such a beautiful, pleasant to see whether the page a little heart. Once you have the access conditions, and germination of the idea of ​​making home, then they should pay attention to what aspects of web design issues should be considered, including site features and as well as visitors need. Your entire design should focus on these areas to carry out. Here the writer's own use in the practical operation of the web design experience to talk about what issues should be considered, I hope to give users the beginning of the construction site of a role.

1. Page content to new
The selection of offbeat content, to be focused a "new", this principle requires us to customize the website content can not copy others, to create their own actual situation with a unique web site. Looking ahead, the online home of many individuals simply "grocery store", the contents of all-inclusive, subject matter fits, everyone is a "software download", all have "Internet Navigation", from start to finish can not find a trace of "fresh" was intended. Therefore, we design web pages, make the next effort in the selection. Selection to try to make it "less" and "fine", and it must highlight the "new" if they can adhere to daily updates, I believe this website will be welcomed by everyone.

2. Page name should be simple
As a web site is not formed by a Web page, it has many sub-pages, in order to make these pages is effectively connected, users finally give up some of these pages are representative and concise and easy to remember web page name. This will help you both to facilitate the future management of web pages, submit to search engines when your page indexed more easily by others. In to the website named, it is best to use their own common or fit to page content lowercase letters, which is directly related to the connection on the page.

3. To update the page
After making web pages, can not say that all is well, in fact, a greater amount of work afterwards. Because the Web is a moment of production, and maintenance updates every day work to do. A timely manner to the connection has been set aside on the page should be removed immediately, such as user accidentally click a link in the page, after waiting in the bitter, the result can not access the results, then they will have disappointed your website may never to patronize your pages. If you can not update, it's best to release information on the home page to tell visiting friends, because there are special circumstances need to leave for some time, failed to update the home page, hope you forgive me so that we can give a charge to others feeling, while users can be trusted.

4. Note that the visual effect
Design Web pages, be sure to use 640 × 480 and 800 × 600 resolution to observe separately. Many browsers use 640 × 480 resolution, although 800 × 600 high resolution in a number of Web pages look very attractive, but in the 640 × 480 mode may be eclipsed. Make a little effort to design a resolution can be displayed in different pages

5. And pay attention to site upgrade
Keep in mind the site's operation. With access to a good performance of the increasing number of hosts may run slowly. However, if you do not want to lose visitors, it must be carefully planned your upgrade plan.

6. To read Web content
The most important website design tips, I am afraid that your page to be readable. This means that you have to devote some thought to planning the text and background colors with the program. Be careful not to dilute the text background color of the visual effects, do not use fancy color combinations, people look to your website is very strenuous. In general, light-colored background, dark text better. This point requires the best Do not you set the text size is too small, not too much. Text is too small, people read uncomfortable; text is too large, or frequent changes in the text visual effects, such as directed at the people screaming, looks uncomfortable. In addition, the best left-aligned text, rather than the center. According to the reading habits of contemporary Chinese, text most of the home left. Of course, the title should generally be centered, because it is the reader's reading habits.

7. Use tables for layout
Do not like the content of a website to make a report like the one thousand two hundred thirty-four to have set out to pay attention to Web content with the level of form and space of prominent display, people can see your site a focused, structured clear.

8. Less special fonts
Although you can use in your HTML special fonts, but you can not predict your visitors will see what their computer. Look at your computer in a very good page on a different platform may look very bad. Some web designers prefer to use to define the features, which while allowing you to use special fonts, but still need some alternative ways to avoid the font of your choice in the visitor's computer can not be displayed. Cascading style sheets CSS helps to solve these problems, but only the latest version of the browser only supports CSS.

9. To learn and use HTML
In order to successfully design website, you must understand how HTML works. Most of the sites from the novice network designers recommend the book to find the answer to HTML, web pages using Notepad. Because designing websites using HTML, you can control the entire design process. But if you just web design novice, you should look for a software package allows you to modify the HTML. HomeSite4 is a good Web design tools. In the design process, HomeSite4 can help you learn HTML. It also allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode, so you have to send to the Web site prior to preview your site.

10. Minimize the use of Java programs
Do not use the large format of the Java program that can replace the effect of the use of javascript try not to use java. Because the current in terms of speed of java is slow intolerable, tend to make the viewer impatient with all the other pages are displayed, so you designed would have no effect of friends.