Saturday, 3 December 2011


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From the Mainland advertising industry in the Gold Rush to Madison Avenue on the international advertising giant, seems to have called advertising, but they are far apart, too different, the former can only be called the advertising industry myself, and not with the president compared to advertising.

Real advertising, first, depending on the advertising as a lifelong career; Secondly, with knowledge and skills, experience and insight. Can be a good use of advertising for advertisers to reach their goals.

Life is difficult, advertise it more difficult. Even the industry's top players, if unambitious, will soon be out of date, not to mention the success of those goals forward advertising people? Is also a didactic art, advertising people do not feel that comfortable. Creative and challenging career in the advertising industry characteristics, there are few other occupations can be compared. Advertising services to a wide range of objects, the whole economy and society from all walks of life on the presidential campaign down to the lives of ordinary people can not do without advertising the service, thus forcing you to become experts in all walks of life. Maybe you today for a beer commercial television advertising to get creative, tomorrow is the sales plan of a city garden headache the day after tomorrow may very well when the housekeeper for a clothing brand ... ... span all kinds of great products. In addition, advertising services to customers has been steadily progressing, objectives and requirements of customers rising, all these will increase the difficulty of the job advertisement. But most important is advertising to stand higher than the customer, looking farther, therefore, one can imagine the hardships.

So how to deal with such a demanding job? How the era of rapid development often do often make a new advertising?

CMP strong knowledge, strategic thinking is advertising two essential elements.

Advertising people should be interested in things under the sun, should always go to learn the things around, to develop the habit of diligent observation, while focusing on the accumulation of information. CMP strong inspiration is based on the knowledge of analogy, ad creation is based on the old elements in new combinations, of course, beneficial to create information-rich. Here I would like to talk about a little personal experience. Although the advertising industry were engaged in intellectual services. But his mind is not as computer and then developed to accommodate the information-rich, it is necessary to collect all kinds of everyday products and industry market information, selected for classification, however, bound, conditionally converted into electronic data into a computer.

The information is mainly dominated by second-hand information, they can type in the financial press, newspapers and consumer guide to get. Information can be made for the newspaper clippings book, journal information can be classified to compile the table of contents. There was no access to information in the future when the chance to read useless, so that saves time and effort. When you have your own database, it means a more effective helper, writing client reports, marketing and advertising business case, the investigation report and all advertising activities, we are obviously handy. Detailed evidence, meaningful copy will naturally add a bit of convincing, ever the kind of hasty situation and the copy will be gone like a far-fetched.

Advertising is knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, personnel-intensive industries, in addition to professional knowledge, the where with advertising-related disciplines should adventures. Experts reveal the ads in the seven mentioned knowledge content shine advertising knowledge: knowledge representation ideas, market knowledge, knowledge of the message, the message delivery tools, knowledge, knowledge of the transaction path, how to know the effectiveness of ads on the knowledge, specific knowledge of the situation. The seven categories of knowledge, most require familiarity with, and some must be proficient.

United States, "Business Week" has reported that, when adults 40 years old, his creativity is only 5 years old 2%, this result requires a lot of creativity for the advertising bloom is a tragedy. However, Ogilvy 39-year-old advertising copy was written first, through a lifetime of struggle, to become dean of the world's advertising industry, which, what explanation do? Hard thinking, good thinking is the advertising of special skill, which kinds of capabilities with Ogilvy's words, "strategic thinking", which can make up that 98% of the defect. Young people do advertising in addition to strong knowledge of CMP addition, this ability is equally important.

Speaking of thinking, there is a "James-style thinking" approach is a commonly used advertising with creative people, and very effective. This way of thinking is no contact to find similarities between things. James-style thinking with people who have a keen and deep insight in the surface mixed things to grasp the essential characteristics of the association, not from the similarities perceived similarity, then the logical link, the irrelevant things together. This can be said that advertising creative truth. No matter how fresh advertising, advertising heroes or whatever, must master a variety of ways of thinking.

Foreign advertising done well, may increase the market share of 1%, while in China, if ads do well, the market share may be increased by 10%. So China's advertising is lucky, but, but we can not accommodate themselves, lazy. Economic development to mature, the quality of the advertising requirements have become more sophisticated, real advertising must not be taken lightly. Constantly enrich and improve themselves, the only way to dynamic, new impetus to a fresh advertising.