Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template

Just get up every morning when I used the crack out of the day, "China Daily", with 1 minute quickly browse headlines again. The world to know what the day has undergone changes and progress.

At the same time, the professional relationship, I will visit with 3 minutes to New Street on the day of newspaper advertising works, looking over these thoughts behind the work and consideration. I understand, these colorful, perhaps in the eyes of the average consumer trash visual images and text, and perhaps it is our brothers and sisters in this industry the results of the work day and night, in the morning Zhaxian moment when it is finally distributed dwell into Hong thousands of families will complete a creative nirvana on this process, it is respected.

However, as a non-disguised advertising, I had to tone with the slightly depressing narrative, from 2002 to the present, local newspaper advertising the number of outstanding works produced is gradually reduced, until I write only in the time of this writing, a good local advertising works almost in the "China Daily" on the disappeared, as rare Tibetan antelope-like, so long as to see a good, almost to shock some. And most of the ads, repeating the words and mediocre the lack of insight and modular layout, makes it a valuable forum for the cost of regret.

For some of the more experienced local advertising, as long as the slightest comparison, you will find two years of advertising creative Xi'an level, compared to 02,03 years of artistic standards, is not better than in the past, but worse than in the past the. Not the least bit bad, but thousands of miles miles.

This gap, the average consumer may not see, and perhaps the customer can not tell, and perhaps those just entering the advertising industry Coban students can not tell, but all the way to accompany the development of Xi'an and participate in the advertising industry who feel the obvious make this sad phenomenon did not say it has become the consensus. Did not say it's because, I think because we have to mix in the circle, of course, the unspoken rules is not going to pour cold water on the industry. However, although everyone is silent, but the fact that the professional is not backwards can solve the self-deceiving. Decline in commission from each company, management, reduced efficiency, decreased customer satisfaction have been fully exposed the seriousness of the problem, whether you believe it or not, if things continue this way, the industry must face the disaster, many companies had planned the so-called ad must become picture or graphics design company ... 

In this case, if the recognition of this need to muster a lot of courage, I see this industry to be finished. Said another explicit that the era of progress, and we regress! Now many others had called the local advertising also took the high monthly salary doing the work of low IQ, because your boss, a tight budget, Weiweijiuzhao as embarrassing as your shoulder and make up for the lack of professional competence adverse outlook is that they continue to make this cause, and had to use many means to erase the non-professional customers because you are not professional and wrinkled brow - a deep understanding of this point is not advertising in Xi'an responsibility, but the last straw Xi'an advertising.

Alarmist? No, not, barely one day when the bosses, that is some poor advertising of the end of the world. Maybe he can back to a company, but if still in this solid two complacency, to know the mentality to work as a master, will not change destiny. Advertising is needed is calm thinking and passionate creativity, his own achievements become useful concept, the professional pursuit is never complacent, never complacent, rather than salary. To be honest, in the western inland city of Xi'an, advertising wages high enough compared to other industries, but because this group of young people "moonlight clan" makes their spending habits also feel low. There was one evening at a roadside stall and I have a old 17 bus drivers eat ravioli, he opened a 15-year bus, I asked him how much you pay, he said, could get the good returns to near 2000, but this time is relatively small, usually 1500 or 1600. After I listened to really find it unfair, a recently graduated, knowledge and experience a blank advertising beginner to the advertising company is also able to get this number, how to say a little bit of self-improvement are 2000 or 3000, and about the ability to work , about the contribution of the community, about the need to bear the responsibility, or even cool a little, about where the corporate responsibility of all far compared. People bus drivers at least a carrot a pit, took the wages will be able to land the passengers to their destinations on time, and those not on top of the ad with people? 10 do not have a manuscript could get out to convince the customer, should you use?

We no longer seem to think, and are no longer humble, and many arrived in a large advertising company mixed a few days did not even figure out the basic principles of advertising to come out to start their own company. With an entrepreneurial passion is good, the problem is short-sighted and stupid as a lot of people have the entrepreneurial passion. Out of the original well-functioning company immediately staged ghost town in mind, so that a team from a powerful fist into five of their tender fingers. No power to lower service prices, no professional will mimicry, management will not put up a temporary grass station, the customer is not a fool, not a few in order to save a little money they took for granted their own projects. Thus, the impulse to close down a few days, do not sum up why they fail, then go to work, to harm another company. Flippancy are they not changed, he thought he plated a layer of gold.

Advertising industry has been the legendary geniuses are stubborn, stubborn fact are mediocre, especially when nothing is worth the time stubborn. Those 60 minutes of creative advertising in real time seems to be able to come up with a lot, but also throw away a lot, but advertisements in the eyes is mediocre swear to defend the homeland territory. As the market thinking is not enough, the core consumer desires of consumers think enough thought to the ultimate purpose of the customer is not enough to solve the problem of the validity of thinking is not enough, lead to understanding of the level is too shallow. And this shallow way Youyi conclusions or policy extended to the creative, a little hard, they think they have done enough good, has gone beyond what is what. Then the non-professional customers say? Please note that when you come up with a strategic plan or advertising work, the customer is not satisfied if the praise, the fact is silence complaints. If that is the reason you peace of mind we are doing, then you are simply not an advertising man.

Status to this point, one might ask why there is no out predecessors, the advertising industry do? For this problem, we can only look at Yiqijuechen uttered a sigh. Advertising industry in China now seems to be a way to make practitioners feel that there is no tomorrow the industry, which fought in the graduate years, when accumulated some experience and after the experience, it seems like not stay for long so this valuable professional experience a high title knocking a stepping stone to other industries, abandoned former team, the expense of his comrades, fellow board that burn the midnight oil by the numerous honors and position whom the ascent of the tower - one by one, so left the advertising industry, Therefore, the advertising industry is always a lack of people, always new people at work, never a teacher, never accumulate.

This can repine it? Not that they do not want to continue to struggle in the advertising industry, but faced with the married, buy a house so very real pressure to survive so they had to think of other ways, after all, not everyone can become idealists. But conversely, in 2002 and 2003, the newspaper every day we see the amazing works, large-scale advertising companies generally profitable when it is not already possessed pride and complacency in the industry, so Our minds are no longer clear, so that our humble state of mind not only planted the seeds of the bitter harvest today?

The industry can go on it? Of course, close your eyes and know that the advertising industry will certainly continue the development of unlimited prosperity, but prosperity is the prosperity of who? 4A is a cross-border mergers and horizontal all the way to triumph prosperity, or local advertising companies to exert themselves to create a brilliant prosperity? - Everything depends on each person's ordinary Xi'an advertising effort. If the past is right when in the past, and future in your hands, I hope you enjoy yourself out on the street in the newspaper work, when gazing about the way that words usually turn a blind eye, it is called - "with the times into. "