Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template

First, what is the designer

I also like the original designer said he was a few years of foreign design school is to learn a lot, but really have not learned the man! Many people's eyes, the designer is a noble profession, is the envy of other professional, but not if you just started, if it is less than 30 years old, it is recommended that you do not call themselves designers. Why do I say, listening to a little hurt, as his age one day big up, also read a lot about these things, see a reason, 30-year-old man before the first study, after 30 years of age do designers, Because that did not experience life, how can a designer, simply do not know the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar where to put the best cook, so what should the design.

Second, it may still be a man, perhaps the industry's competitive now it really is too intense, a lot of people have done to the designers of a new interpretation.

What is the designer? Owners of the designer as a friend, but only the owners of the designer as friends money, designers can use a variety of professional way to understand the owners had put a confused, had confused the more confused, sad Yeah, a lot of designers will do for their own benefit a variety of little tricks to achieve their head to. You talk about a practical, and I have done a renovation to an elderly owners, it is something a few years ago, and the results will give the Spring Festival every year the old man I called my New Year, nothing would give me a call to Please I bun, because my mouth slander, Ha ha ha, when not working well when the old man received a phone call felt very warm, because I make a trade, worthy of my industry, but also worthy of myself, of course, Some owners, including some of the owners here are now my good friend, I think only other people agree with you, you are the best designers.

Third, recognition by peers talk about it, that is, a number of professional knowledge.

1. You have to learn the basics, pollution science, engineering, mechanics, optics, ergonomics, color configuration table, the base civil engineering, botany, etc.
There has been too much content

A. Decoration of pollution for the owners only refers to the smell, but you want to learn, such as noise pollution, color pollution, light pollution and so on.

B. Engineering Mechanics you want to know the main point of housing, support site, these elements will determine how you can use to change the side of the load-bearing walls, without affecting the structure, earthquake and so on.

C. Different light, and the angle of light, irradiation width, will determine the amount of light the room effect.

D. In human engineering to understand the basic walking space, sitting space, other ways that the body size.

E. Color configuration to tell the truth I have learned the worst, the use of a variety of colors areas for people are very closed and health.

F. Based civil engineering structures to understand the housing proposal, the use of embedded parts

I think G is the most original botany of no use, but later found a problem, some high-end residential lot of people-made furniture to that of furniture, you want to know what kind of wood is used for furniture, and what is not can.

2. Learning the basic renovation process, the use of small machinery, all kinds of construction technology.

This is not just on the mouth, sometimes very popular with workers, look down, although did not say face to face, but the workers know that you will only utter, not a good thing, so the best way is to own directly involved in a renovation, personally some content, not afraid of the bad, as long as you will, you know what workers do, and will give the owners a lot better about rationality.

3. To learn drawing
Now many schools to teach a design would not, for example, two views, three views, structure, system of marker renderings. You will use the tools, scale, T-square, acid paper, drawing pen, compass, etc. These tools are not cheap yet. But if your goal is just a computer draftsman it is not necessary.

4. Learning the decoration budget, materials
These elements are directly related to your verbal offer and owners are correct.

5. Computer graphics
Such as CAD, 3DMAX, coupled with a photoshop, CAD mostly computer has some plans of, 3D MAX mold is built up. The designer of the forum in 2006 to explain the designer's concept, some people can be called designers are now using basic hand-painted, SketchUp, Artlantis, piranesi, more interested in the windows of the drawing process can be used in ten five minutes of time to draw a visual drawing.

6. Do not know if there are schools to teach the content, that is, the so-called metaphysics, it was called the wind built superstition, Ha ha ha
But some are justified, so you should go learn some time in the decoration to prevent this problem, give the simplest example of it, for home improvement, the door of the moon can do dumb, but not in the door , because only in the underground palace of the Ming Tombs will be in use.

Fourth, the individuality

As a designer more or less it will be somewhat different for the character who may be more intriguing, have a deeper understanding of things, a trip to Tibet in the make of a photographer, he told me In fact, we see things that are different point of view, the most beautiful plane to keep photographers, and designers to create the most beautiful structure.

Incoherent and has no intention to hurt the industry are doing all friends, just say the truth.

Practitioners for a long time, some experience, to learn the structure of the room do not belong in thought into the interior design, decoration effect for more than a small book to see less, not much useful, structured learning exercise ideas.