Friday, 16 December 2011

Obama: America's best advertising!

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"Internet President" Barack Obama - America's best advertising

Obama elected president, the achievements of the first black president in U.S. history, the American dream, he also represents the achievements of advertising, marketing, public relations evolution and development, along with new media and digital technology, the rapid development of the U.S. election also more in-depth and interactive way to build relationships with voters, get voters' loyalty and trust. 

Obama's victory has created many firsts: first black U.S. president, first refused to use government-provided public campaign funds ($ 84,000,000) of the president, even Obama also became the first American "Internet President" - because his campaign has greatly the advantage of using the Internet, web2.0, attracting a large number of "long tail" and grassroots power, and eventually succeeded. 

Let's feel the Obama "network marketing." 

Video sites spread - the power of new media use of vivid 

Obama was a community created by, well aware of the power network in this campaign, he also picked up a line of work, his campaign team have created a social network to promote Obama's influence in the network. Obama has a Facebook group that contains 2.3 million supporters, and in the most popular video site YouTube, just one week, his campaign team uploaded 70 Obama-related video. 

The campaign video on the network, in addition to television media outlets to develop a broader advertising platform, which looks very grass-roots network of programs, in fact, the Obama campaign by a professional tailor. But they look more modest and more Jiaoren accessible, so in fact the concern of these videos are better than those produced for television advertising refined difference. Obama on Race in which the 37-minute speech, since March has been uploaded to the Internet to view the rate has more than 500 million times, making him the network "Reds" in the shining star. 

Keywords purchase - accurate sniper search engine advertising 

We are widely known search engine advertising has not been Obama ignored. Obama to buy Google's "keyword advertising." If an American Obama voters entered in Google's English name Barack Obama, the right of the search results page will be Obama's video advertising as well as criticism of rival John McCain and other policy positions. 

Obama also purchased keyword hot topic, such as "oil", "Iraq War" and "financial crisis." A search, that is, to know Obama's views on these sensitive comments, help people better understand the candidate is conceivable that Americans their daily search for key words are marked with the stigma of Obama, does not want attention Obama is immune. This can be difficult to compete with Taiwan McCain, McCain on the Internet for information, so easy to be a sniper. 

The highest level of network marketing, word of mouth - to stimulate the infectious viral marketing 

Obama's campaign launched a viral marketing even in this form. One called "Why do we support Senator Obama - a letter addressed to Chinese friends," spread the message around. Message content even with a very targeted Chinese, very detailed description of the Obama voters elected to the United States the benefits of local Chinese, and finally they said, "Please give this letter to your friends and family to switch as soon as possible, and be grateful that they also be able to pass on this letter, which is in the last few days that you can help Senator Obama is one of the most effective way. " 

Blog war - so that each person has their own media 

Users blog began as a way to share personal thoughts, but now the blog has become a high-level media, and even the U.S. Federal Election Commission ruled that political blog is the official media, according to this ruling, the blog has been included in the media category. Media activities and will have immunity, the bill is not subject to election fundraising restrictions. 

This time, the presidential election will give us a vivid "role of the media on the blog," a lesson. 

One of Obama's competitors through their own blog Hillary released their election manifesto, and continued through the blog of the window display of his political views and perspectives. Voters in her blog post on her views, Hillary's team will be selected to promote good blog on the home page. 

And Obama is good at learning through their own blog in the network to establish their own distinctive fresh, young and aggressive candidate image. Closer to the voters with their distance, more user-friendly and more competitive. 

Whether it is Hillary or Obama, are a vivid interpretation of the blog advertising war in presidential campaign importance. 

Presidential election comes to an end, Obama's victory represents too many innovations, especially interactive applications. Obama raised more than $ 520 million of campaign funds, it is estimated that more than 85% from the Internet, most of which is less than $ 100 in small donations. With the power of the network, the way Obama won not only interactive contribution, it is a picture of precious votes, and the legend of the great American dream. 

Obama's multiple victories on behalf of this era's most "fresh" the most interactive of the most democratic side, NIKE would not otherwise choose as the new head of his shoe pattern. 

In this sense, Obama is not only a successful president, it is the best advertising the United States.