Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template

Become a real ad designers are the most basic expectations. But it is the most basic, but refused a considerable proportion of the creative youth. Have tasted, there is often inaccessible, there is the name of name through the streets many years of experience narcissistic layman.

As a good advertisement designer must have its own representative works, and good advertising design work you need to go through the market tempered. "The real advertising designer," in essence, to reach some kind of height, height, or how to achieve this has been hovering at the door. Certainly need such as "software operating proficiency," "aesthetic appreciation" "print knowledge," and so the general template of the job requirements described in the "solid basic skills", such expertise would not have said, is certainly to be enhanced, and there is no shortcut to take. Charging means is varied.

From ordinary advertisement designer to "good advertising designer," the transformation is a long process that requires continuous absorption of the nutrients of life and art, step by step step by step accumulation of growth.

First, the moon to. Real advertising designer, certainly from the heart, soul and love this industry, perseverance creativity. Personality, and even advertising industry welcomed a madman, but best not artificial, purely for personal and personality. In other words, your heartfelt love and put in work on the line.

Second, the rooted life, passionately alive. Advertising designers must remain true to life insight and sensitivity. You do not deliberately show passion, but it must be around for life, industry, social cherished curiosity, thirst for knowledge, so that you can maintain a permanent new things, new ideas of insight. You may scoff at this view, as long as the hard study like, or the network has infinite knowledge and information. But I want to express an attitude to life, the fundamental idea comes from life. Second, the rooted life, passionately alive. Lack of advertising designer in Wuhan withdrawn, talkative person, but not life autistic persons. Passionately alive, the key moment of inspiration in order to continuously supply.

Then, fine grinding slow play, Jingzhe the road to become a true advertising designer takes time. In the graphic design industry, you need to enter before they lay down gesture, such as wolves generally draw nutrients and to ask. At the same time do not squeamish, "Three lights just before dawn chicken, it is man bedtime" normal, however, if the time for a case, boil all night is often a matter of a few. So by the time the real designer wear out.

Finally, recycled recast, breaking through the bottleneck advertising professional designer secondary qualitative way. Not as long or short incubation period, you may inadvertently glorious "fall" to the ranks of real advertising designer. Please note that this time, your career bottleneck will follow. Beginners are always progress quickly, but after a node will find the total can never break through. When a bottleneck occurs, then you may struggle to give up, but the most frightening thing is you do not realize, but more use of "experience" and the subconscious that this is a mature performance advertising designer, efficient and handy. Bricks fall behind, not to mention the advertising industry of the river unusual stir, simmering at any time, you have a lot of people want behind pushed the height. The experience of today may become tomorrow's burden and the fetters, only in the designer business card printed on the front of "senior" word is not enough.