Wednesday, 14 December 2011


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Currently advertising the advertising industry there are two sources, one is out from school, their school is advertising, art and other professional, the other is halfway out of the kill, does not have relevant ads learned profession, but Because some of the opportunity, has become advertising. No matter what source you are, this does not affect you to be good advertising. So, no matter what source you are, as an advertising man, you in the end it is appropriate to advertise?

Industry to become a good person, must have many qualities. Advertising industry is also true. Here I talk about two basic qualities.

Idea - the basis for creative
When people see a message, probably there will be two reactions: one is happy or angry or emotional changes, and then formed their own information within the brain, began feedback; one is indifferent, any idea at all. If the former were fortunate enough to become the advertising, I'm not saying he will be able to write good copy, come up with good ideas; but at least for advertising the job. Advertising people do not - global brand network - much more afraid of you want to dream, is not afraid of the idea. Therefore, this latter one really is not suitable for advertising.

Advertising people have the idea, the idea can only become idea, in order to become creative. No creative advertising as the rice bowl of your rice, every grain of the same, is not to draw attention. Did not even pay attention to ads due doomed to fail.

Many trades as long as you remember the process, repeated mechanical work every day to complete the work, do not use too many brain cells, while the advertising industry is different, be creative, you need a steady stream of ideas. In that respect, advertising is a very challenging world, U.S. President Roosevelt had once said, "do not do advertising people on the President" is a good proof.

Why advertising is very challenging, because the advertisers must adapt to constant change, your ideas and creativity will be a good help. If your feet go astray, slow number, can be home later on, severe cases may be eliminated.

State of mind - creative power
Another point is that attitude is also very important, advertising should be bearish success and failure. Successful efforts; failed, all right, continue to work hard. As advertisers, you must always waiting to start from scratch, because every time you serve the customer is not the same: not the same customers, the company is not the same situation, different markets, different consumers. Therefore, the success worth mentioning, failure or without the necessary room for complacency, but there is no need to compromise angry.

If an advertiser is not a good attitude to dim the success or failure, then he can only develop to the two, or pride, or depressive type. This is very beneficial to their own development, human alive is important not to lose ourselves, advertising, too, because their jobs do not allow yourself to become reasons not their own, which is very sad. Therefore, as an advertising man, the success or failure should be bearish to grasp the immediate grasp of customer service now, and dedicated customer service is the most important.

I think the above two points as the most basic of an Advertising Man, do not mind if you see something, or to see the success of that sort of thing is very important, I suggest that in order not to lose your own self, or search for what other more appropriate to work.