Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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Packaging design strategy

The hearts of consumers is the ultimate marketing market. It's multi-dimensional consumer psychology and differences determine the packaging must have a multi-dimensional emotional appeal to attract a specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase. Sales packaging is the epitome of marketing strategy, packaging design of the psychological strategy is very logical promotional ideas, it not only from the visual to attract specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior, but also from the psychological to capture the excitement and consumer desire to purchase.

Divergent psychological
Especially young people, like different, like divergent, strange, innovative, tried to look for opportunities to express themselves. The kind of consumer product packaging for the target market can be taboo with a bold use of color, the shape of the break with tradition and in the logo it trumpets "a new generation of choice" in order to guide the trend of creating fashion. However, such a consumer's psychological instability and unpredictable, fickle fashion, so its sales packaging is a high-risk high-return attempt.

Consumer psychology also can be psychological and ecological standards of gender and psychological breakdown. The multilevel nature of market segmentation of consumer psychology determines the promotional package also from multiple perspectives. With the material and cultural living standards improve, people's consumption concept are constantly evolving. Today's fashion, may become obsolete tomorrow, so the merchandise packaging must continue to improve, in the tradition and creativity to find a balance, harmony and unity.
Sales packaging is to protect the function and aesthetic integration, is practical and innovative combination of novelty. Successful marketing is a producer of packaging ideas psychological, mental thinking creators and buyers needs psychological resonance. Only by grasping the consumer packaged goods sales psychology, to meet consumer preferences, to meet consumer demand, stimulate and guide the consumer's emotions, to be able in the fierce battle to stand out, certain to win.

They seek psychological

Customers are shopping the sake of convenience, such as transparent or windowed packaged food can be easily selected; modular packaging of gift baskets can be easy to use; soft drinks and so easy to carry, easy to use packaging to add the product more attractive. Abroad, the popular "barrier" packaging, such as the contact to determine the identification packet identifies the distinction between using serrated type of detergent; set in the canned food "that does not cover over the central depression-like shelf life" of the automatic identification signs, etc. They turned out to cater to senior citizens and persons with disabilities and development, the results won widespread consumer favorite, showing all the sake of convenience is consumer psychology.

Mental novelty
Especially for high-tech products, packaging material selection, process, style and interior design should reflect the advanced technology. For example, the use of bump fabrication of three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging, etc., can, through innovative and unique packaging to reflect the outstanding achievements of science and technology, against the background of the product's superior performance.

Letter seeking psychological
Highlighted on the product name and trademarks, helps to reduce the purchaser's suspicion of product quality. In particular there is a certain well-known companies, this promotion of products and companies do both. Bank of America's Budweiser beer ice penguin on the packaging and label designs are composed of a quality mark, and only when the temperature is cold beer, the most appropriate time, the lively little penguins will be displayed to consumers that is genuine, flavor best to meet their demand letter psychology.

Seeking psychological interest
It is especially in the hectic city life need to be easily and humor. U.S. company in the production of biscuits printed on the lid of a variety of interesting puzzles, eating cookies can only find the answers in the bottom of the tank, the product is very popular. Our children's food "Cheetos" corn crisp pack comes with a small circle, small circle can be a certain number of toys makes up a small circle more toys to fight the more beautiful, the result captivated a large number of small customers. People's curiosity can often compel them to repeat purchase.

Realistic psychological
Products, including packaging, it must be designed to meet the core needs of consumers, that is, must have real value. Cultural groups of all ages in the elderly the most emphasis on simple, really, but now a wide variety of health supplements are generally older people are "in form than content," the excessive packaging. These products are even able to attract the occasional purchase of gifts, it is difficult to win consumer loyalty, lack of long-term development.

U.S. seeking psychological
Product packaging design is the crystallization of the decorative arts. Attractive packaging will stimulate consumer demand for high levels of social, with a deep artistic charm of the purchaser in terms of packaging is a beauty, is led into a significant potential consumers in the consumer, into a long type, used to model the consumer's driving force. All the world's great wines, the packaging is very elegant. From the bottle to the box art of all glow with the brilliance --- This is one of the most elegant and most successful promotional packaging.