Wednesday, 7 December 2011


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The first test is done to optimize people's capacity and quality! What then must have the ability to optimize staff and the quality of it? ! The following Fuzhou SEO seo Invensys and share five essential capabilities!

1: The ability to write

Writing is a basic skill, write in the network, just like the real talking, if not speak, or just do "repeater", then also markets what? Write can solve several problems, original articles, and brought outside the chain of soft paper, I had not felt such power and, later, in May 2009 began to write the original personal blog, although this blog does not give me what direct economic benefits, but are sticking to 2 years of blog writing, so I write capability has been greatly improved, and now one has come to share personal experiences will be written, so that others can give their own income but also the accumulation of contacts outside the chain efficiency and direct . So I advocate everyone to write, in addition to give you the SEO stuff, but also mainly to make your website more clear thinking to do in the operation, after all, the ability to write basic network "talk" capability .

2: The ability to observe change

I appreciate a class SEOER, their insight into the many other people can see the change, so be sure to put a SEOER passion for the job, this observation include the data of your website, someone else's site data, as well as search engine response on the site. This capability has become a logistics capabilities, strategizing, winning thousands of miles away, this is my understanding of SEO. The observation is an SEO, a day to see traffic statistics, see Statistics in search engine traffic situation, which keywords, and sites of some of the core ranking keyword lifting, today is a new collection of how many pages, site outside the chain of circumstances. In addition to their own stations, but also concerned about the other stations, to see others points of the case, some of the outstanding SEO sites, he observed the traffic source observe the situation, what are the keywords brought him to see his used in SEO about what kind of strategy, he is the source of which the outer chain. Observe these things absolutely good for you, may at first not used, the more the end of this habit will become the basic ability SEOER, do not do a full day of observation, will feel that what life is too little.

3: Communicative competence

Do not forget, SEO is not technical, but a marketing. You must have good communication skills, of course, a good character in order to exchange peer trust, your site will be recognized by them, even the new new site, they will think that the future will certainly be the future of this station, worthy of cooperation. On the Internet, many resources can buy that, but money can not buy a lot. So SEOER must clearly identify the nature of their job, not a technical talent, do not always focusing instead on hard work, but not the communication.

4: Patience

For a SEOER patience is very important because many SEOER failure is fits and starts, such as the establishment of a new station from where it would take to be included in at least 1-2 weeks, a new station trusted by search engines require at least three months, have slowly emerged only after long tail keywords to optimize a site dedicated to a few keywords, we must first amend the basic information, then a series of deployment, beginning would not have a good ranking, by constantly adjusting, constantly added to the outer chain ranking purposes. So patience is very important, SEOER who are often lonely process, the results of the revelers. Do not think you're doing the work, 1-2 months may not see the results of any income, but the outbreak of the day can give you a lot.

5: Experimental capabilities

SEO is changing every day, their algorithm will be changing, who can master this algorithm, like the test to know the answer, like, nothing can be said is too easy, but search engines will not be straightforward to tell you, their specific situation algorithm, but the search engine's official information must be read carefully, the depth reading. Since so little official information given, then why is there so much on-line algorithms Secret SEO tutorial articles like it, because this is the other SEOER experiments and observations based on their ability to write out a summary of tutorials, as well as some irresponsible remarks SEOER crap out of the tutorial. But these tutorials, you can only reference, can not believe that the one search engine's algorithm is not static, and change more, the tutorial also varied. And these things you just heard, you dare to believe it? If you do not have patience, you go to practice a few days and found results that are not, so he gave up, it is equivalent to nothing done, maybe you insist on doing After one month, two months, the effect will be broke. They still need SEOER they have the capability of this experiment, you can feel themselves to the various factors that search engines out of the sensitive response to an idea, it will self-confident, SEO experts usually very confident to tell you "this keyword no problem, about a month time to row up. "