Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Flyer Ad Template

Today we talk about what is good design, how to make a good design.

Restrictions and the reasons we limit the color font is the same reason, in the design to reduce the number of colors is to make our design look more harmonious unity.

Representation we can choose 2-5 kinds of color to complete our design, we can follow the different colors of these color values ​​(that is, the different levels of light and dark) to increase the richness of design.

We choose the color when you can make sure about warm and cold colors, with the same tone of color will make your picture is very harmonious.

Second, you can observe and surrounding the use of some of the existing design of the use of good color, you can design helpful.

In the design must control the number of fonts you use, too much mixed up with the design of the font is in have been worse, and the art of using fancy fonts as the text is quite bad. Utilization in the font also be noted that non-serif and serif body body use guidelines, this one can see our point of view of the Galaxy another article - "font specification in the design of the application."

Good design, must first stand on the end user's point of view, the user need? They will encounter in the course of some kind of problem? What is needed is the best way to solve the most convenient? Identify the users need most, displayed, so that customers can at a glance. And those unimportant can be hidden, so that when users need to be able to find on line. Designers can do when trying to design based on the user's path to the design.

However, in the design, needs analysis of the more sophisticated, more time wasted. And the integration time in the future, but also easy because of changes affecting the overall situation. To solve these problems is to directly reduce unnecessary performance in the design, you only need to consider how to meet most users needs when in use.

In design, the effect of reducing the number of dazzling concoction of multi-users to solve some problems. User point of view to think, is to make the ultimate principles of good design.