Sunday, 4 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Templates
Seek First To Go Seeking For The Wonderful
Wonderful creative ideas and eye-catching, impressive, but the demands of the right will change people's attitudes affect people's behavior. Clever creative people as models, she had to use body language as much as possible the performance of the production designer's dedication, but do taboo to cover up their own conditions clever clothing style, toward the audience, the model will show off the audience's attention to their own build on, forget the clothing is the real protagonist, like a good idea to maintain the performance of the creative integrity of human sacrifice clarity of message, are contrary to the spirit is not responsible for the professional behavior. For example a lot of creative like to use a lot of blank screen and a small amount of text create special visual effects, insist only on two lines of copy, the brand has put the small, the results achieved artistic effect, advertising effect is hurt.
To Firmly Lock The Products And Topics
When can not think of a good idea when the product directly to the theme name and advertising the performance may well be of used, because it can attract at least a high degree of concern for the product to consumers. Of course, no one to encourage creative people to do with the brain of an excuse to escape. In fact, the best ideas should be able to fit seamlessly integrated products, themes and ideas of the three. Ogilvy made a good example is the "Rolls Royce when a speed of sixty miles to travel, you hear in the car is the only clock ticking." Impressive, providing the main advertising message must clearly understand that to meet the brand image and product personality. No matter what ideas like, must be customer-oriented principle. Advertising is done to the consumer to see, neither to please review advertising awards, nor to let others collection. So very deeply creative people need to try to figure out the mentality of the target object, it is easy ideas resonate.

To Sharply
When a writer or director has a million words or 120 minutes of time can tell a story, advertising creative people only a few hundred words or 30 seconds to tell the story. So, the atmosphere in terms of advertising brewing became extravagant things, creative people to get used to grasp the key way of thinking, but only on a key, they caught a big issue, as result of this process can be omitted key , if you look at the knife cut the onion in half, instead of layers of hand and slowly peel it.

Should Be Simple And Clear
Consumers see advertising is a means not an end, as the purchase of reference for decision making. Moreover, most cases, consumers are passive recipients of advertising messages, the more easily absorbed by his perception of the message of organ the more easily penetrated his subconscious. Great idea done very deliberately, very deep very creative people, is also busy building complex logic, applied to structured text, put together the picture can be ambiguous, most overestimated consumer advertising of understanding and analysis.

To Meet The Basic Logic
There was a glasses shop advertising, images in the form of sketches showing a blue fruits, wrote the title "This is XIGUA or QINGGUA?" Subtitled "If you're too close to that for you the glasses." In fact, the very idea of ​​advertising on consumers, however, tell what the fruit is not necessarily lack of a relationship with the spectacles. Violation of the fundamental logic of the idea unless it is deliberate expression, must be careful to view, so as not to affect the persuasiveness of advertising. If a brand of rice, advertising slogan is "a little sticky but not too sticky", if changed to resort to "like sticky deemed non-stick," the poet seems to say, probably will not be passed down the others.

The Same Time The Text Of The Idea And Visualization
A customer has been ordered by the title of the thing with the screen, the picture is a towing light, it seems that high-speed car, like a long time, no suitable expression, barely used "to all far behind 'to performance of the car to accelerate sharp features, but the overall feeling of the title and the copy does not match, there is no vitality. So to train yourself to think not only rely on written language, but also learning for image reflection. In fact, the text of IDEA and the IDEA by the visual integration of the use of two kinds of thinking, more likely to form abstract concepts concrete symbol or graphic out of mind.

To The More The Better
Sometimes, as the driving creative thinking, like, just start the most efficient because the engine has not yet reached operating temperature, driving is not smooth, so running for some time, the engine's power output on a stream. Brains have to warm up, so think about entering the state, really good ideas began projection out. So, as long as enough time, more than the idea of ​​some good ideas, and then pick and choose, combining the best ideas, there will always be surprises harvest.

Cut To Thin
Is the "monk knocked on the door" or "monk pushed on the door?" Between scrutiny, of course, weary, without scrutiny, how to get rid of ordinary? As creative people know that a statement: "the written copy into the drawer, the next day again, will find more need to modify the polish of the place." However, when the change must take into account creative "creative good or bad" and "the demands of right or wrong," two standards are indispensable.

To Try To Entertainment Consumers
The goods entertainment advertising creative people the skills required, this situation is like actors on the stage must have a special clothing, makeup, movement and light, sound, and so on with, as is the audience to watch. Entertainment does not affect the spread of serious significance, but you do not have to work hard and play the clown laugh, it is the responsibility comedian. Advertising to do is win the goodwill of consumers, goodwill is different from the amusing, touching or shocking as to the demands of even terror, or goodwill.

To Be Able To Repentant
Pain is the most creative people finally think of wonderful ideas, but found non-compliant or contrary to the characteristics of the brand, be forced to give up. Pain is pain, carry on, but ignorant of the use of conscience in the end, for the sake of clearance at cook specious reasons, abandon myself professional position, apparently to confirm the commercial nature of advertising creative is not enough, his attitude is not correct. Think about how much his master committed suicide because they could not break through the advertising man advertising effectiveness and the difficulties and pain have abandoned any idea?