Sunday, 4 December 2011


Flyer Templates

Avoid The Division Of Labor
Written copy to the design requirements with the title screen, or want a good picture to copy the design requirements with the title, is absolutely wrong. Partners to discuss working with each other, share each other's thoughts, so that two or more of the ideas can cross-link, is the creative interaction between the most effective mode.

Avoid Narcissism
Do a lot of creative people who have weak nerves, when the ideas challenged, suffered critical time, this nerve will sometimes attack, then the language of self-defense act. In fact, every creative person has criticized the rush to avoid the tendency to excuse and it is human nature, not the creative personality. But as advertising, must have their own share of painstaking work out for everyone to view the courage to think in emotional after learning a rational look at his work, but also someone to rationally check. Fate of narcissism narcissus is difficult to escape drowning in the virtual visions of destiny.

Avoid Polite
Directly negates the idea of ​​people not only rude and wounding, with more indirect tactful wording, coupled with good reason, or even positive suggestions, ideas will be raised. But not that kind to bear criticism, and if so, we may eventually be even more intense criticism and even customers lost opportunities.

Avoid Accept Their Fate
Never be satisfied with six very creative! If you really can not break through their barriers to creativity, ease your current treatment and location, do not want to have more development, or else why should you belittle yourself? May not stimulate your potential, and perhaps not yet developed. To do more good works at home and abroad, do more simulation exercises, endure more than others on the 2 nights, even if the idea can not make 100, at least spell out creative 70, 80 points.

Funny Avoid
Creative approach is infinite, scale difficult to measure, let your imagination fitted with wings enjoy travel, remember to use the command and direction of the brain, rather than giving wings to imagination into the secretive world of fantasy, which makes the consumers do not to understand. Always look at creative advertising strategy is not developed in accordance with consumers can accept.