Friday, 9 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template
1. Memory

Memory is the advertising and creative design talent to learn essential basic skills. Memory strength affects the ability of other effects, so the conscious cultivation of memory, is an indispensable advertising design talent basic training.

2. Observation

Observation, perception of advertising design talent in the form of a conscious, planned an activity. Lu Xun said: "If the creation of the first to observe." If the memory is the basis for planning, then, the key observation is planned. Advertising design talent in advertising after the commission received, the product on the market research and consumer groups, the main channel by advertising planners insight. It is important to grasp the process of advertising success means. If the lack of markets, commodities, consumer, competition and other trends, observation, advertising planners may be at the wrong time, wrong place, for meaningless advertising. Observation is a reflection to the knowledge into practice and then to observe the further understanding of the process, from the vivid and intuitive to abstract thinking, and from abstract thinking to practice, this is the knowledge of the truth, understand the objective reality of the dialectical approach.

3. Thinking

Thinking skills, advertising and design talent to make things for the ability to think objectively. Thinking is an objective phenomenon, it provides for the creation of a broad intelligence activities of the land, thinking of the many types of advertising planning professionals have the thinking ability of abstract thinking and the phenomenon is mainly thinking skills. Thinking process is the design talent of objective things, advertising analysis and synthesis process. Through abstract thinking, Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, leaving the nature of things, discard unessential, to identify the nature of objective reality and understanding of regularity. After analysis, synthesis abstract, summary, and then make judgments and reasoning, which is
advertising professionals understand the objective thinking of things indispensable. The phenomenon of thinking, to grasp the phenomenon of human understanding of the world's way of thinking, is the stage of human knowledge in a rational understanding of the type of thinking. Abstract thinking seems to mind the concept of center activities. Therefore, the whole thinking process is the process of refining. In this process, to create the image and typical mood, advertising design talent necessary capacity.
4. Ability to imagine

Imagine, four advertising design professionals an important part of smart structures. Where no imagination of the planners, are the mundane, in advertising design, and there can be as much feat. Imagination is a kind of thinking, but also different from the thinking skills, creative advertising designer in the advertising process, the only plug in the wings of imagination, art of advertising to reach the height. No imagination, there is no innovations, imagination is the advertising design professionals same essential intelligence.

5. Innovation

Innovation, advertising and design talent in the core of smart structures, creative advertising design for the center is the soul. Without innovation, how can creativity, innovation, advertising design is the design talent in the advertising campaign has put forward new ideas, new mood, come up with a new image, new methods, the ability of the line ideas. The basic aim of modern advertising is to create customers, to create the image, create efficiency, and create the future. Thus, innovation in advertising planning and design talent throughout the smart structure plays an important role.

6. Ability to respond

Ability to respond, is advertising design talent of objective things, such as market competition, commodity circulation, domestic and foreign trade, consumer groups, mind-set and other stimuli, the nerve center of the sense organs and the brain thinking ability of the response. Response capability, sensitivity is high; response capability is poor, slow reaction to outside stimuli. As an advertising plan designers, such as advertising plan if not in the best possible situation. To this end, an intelligent range of advertising professionals must have a good response.

7. Research capacity

Research capacity, is to explore the unknown, reveal the nature of things and the development of laws. In the advertising campaign, advertising design professionals must have research questions, identify problems and problem-solving ability. Research problem is the premise. If the ad design talent on the main issues raised by the lack of advertising research, analysis and optimization of integrated capabilities, the goal of advertising is difficult to determine accurately.

8. Expression and aesthetic

 Expression, refers to the development of advertising programs, to express their views and opinions of the ability, or in the advertising campaign, the use of ad copy, advertising design advertising creative ability to express it effectively. Expression includes the ability to persuade, the ability to explain, debate ability, writing ability, and the action language, the appeal of such performances. Some in the advertising creative advertising designer, the imagination is very rich, but the expression occurs when the difficulties, which in addition to the lack of modern technical factors, the person is not strong expression of an obstacle to innovation in advertising. Designers must have a superior aesthetic, including a keen observation, rich imagination, flexible thinking, integrated aesthetic can be ahead of the others.

Advertising designers would also have a wide range of other art-loving, so for the design of intelligent play, there can not have a significant role.