Sunday, 4 December 2011


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The Pragmatic Principles
Know about the message later, and then open the wisdom of thinking. Must have the patience to explore the consumer, market conditions, product details and to develop down the advertising strategy. Do not make the customer feel the ad is a layman to do our advertising.

The Backbone Principles
Each creative people are eager to draw a large audience called good advertising, personal talent of course, is the key, the customer can accept and individual opportunity and a factor. Whether your talent is being buried, whether you consider themselves ordinary, since you have selected the creative industry, there must be "someone else will think of the idea, I do not!" The backbone. Aims to motivate yourself beyond the level, to avoid meeting his six very creative inertia.

The Principle Of Efficiency
As a product of creative thinking is subjective, time well spent if you want to boil an idea got into a dead end without even realizing it easy, even thought there is a problem on your subjective idea of ​​attachment tend to impede the other ideas you have and to receive other ideas magnanimous. So, in thinking about creativity, might be 360 ​​degrees to think, to cut from a different point of view to generate different ideas, do not worry care about an idea of ​​the text and visual performance. Prefer to think of some ideas, and then filter out the best of several careful scrutiny. You will find that this first and then seek broad principles of refinement creative when you want to make more with less.
Room Principles
Creative people seeking a good psychology is no doubt, is generally not finalized until the last time. However, when a problem was found, but no time to change, and only bite the bullet and did so without fail, which is not professionalism. So we set up a "creative review meeting" prior approval for the proposed draft of creative concepts and ideas. Therefore, under normal circumstances, any creative process should be set aside by the time two days calm reflection make a decision.

Responsible For The Principles
Between idea and implementation is still a long a way to go, a lot of thought into the design draft at the time no problem, but in execution time because of technical limitations or budgetary constraints can not be completed, if not in creative shape to achieve the measure execution time factor, a lot of trouble in late. Remember: think of the idea to sell the out is to do it.