Tuesday, 6 December 2011


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Three years ago, e-commerce company spent 100 advertising, but also earn 100 fast-margin; 2 years ago, 100 advertising, has only guaranteed the Kankan; 1 year ago, this 100 ad, if exchange for 100 sales, secretly glad to be one of the.

Advertise seeking death, do not advertise to die.

How to do? Burn - do scale - finance - continue to burn - to continue to do large scale - to continue financing ... ... a good life, coming to market, bad life, winding up hands nothing with.

Why enterprises need advertising?

No more than one purpose: to attract attention, enhance understanding, deepen the impression, to stimulate action.

In the entity's business environment, consumers and goods between the barriers of time and space, consumers receive advertising messages, the terminal can not immediately be able to buy products, so companies need to constantly be advertising to stimulate, to avoid brand forgotten.

Interpersonal communication is subject to the original speed and breadth of the efficiency of the barrier, does not have the scale of commercial value, so in addition to mass media advertising (including advertising outdoor advertising and terminal), the enterprise no other way.

But in e-commerce world, everything changed.

Internet and consumer goods to achieve the zero. Was effective in stimulating consumer information, he can visit the first time, understand the products, the implementation of purchase, full time and space barriers do not exist. E-commerce on the stimulus-response cycle in seconds, unlike the retail entity, as the response to weekly cycle theory, theory of months. Therefore, e-commerce companies have not fully sustained advertising, take hold of your members on it. During this time, Li Guoqing, Liu Qiang East boasted that we have to cut in advertising, is the truth.

The Internet also achieved zero distance between the consumer and the consumer. Ever since the IM, E-mail, BBS, SNS, microblogging network and a series of private media, the individual as the center of the micro-propagation, already has commercial applications. Unintentional positive outcomes of the "Where the object", has been previewed for us micro-propagation speed of the network and advertising. Internet, one world, a message was six interpersonal communication is entirely possible around the globe. Make good use of the private media network, the power of interpersonal communication play micro, e-commerce also requires advertising it?

March 21 this year, the International Sleep Day, we encourage some consumers to sleep on the activity information, happy to share his network and microblogging, you can get some kind incentives. The results are nearly 1,000 members participated in this event, the day of their micro-Bo and happy reprint, brought us more than 50,000 individual click. If a 10% CTR (click-through rate exposure) terms, these micro-Bo and happy to share online activities, images, exposed at least 50 million consumers. 1000 prizes in exchange for 50,000 visitors, plus 50 million exposure, enough to shock it.

In April, we have tried to wave, "sister friend, 50% off" friends fight shopping events: spring bed suite, a one-time purchase of two 10% off, 3 ... 6 ... 8-fold and more than 50%. Know what results? Order more than 95% of consumers are launched around friends, gather the six products, the month, the average customer price reached 1,800 yuan, is four times the usual. This is the power of interpersonal promotion!

E-commerce as a business model, bringing the enterprise value? What is cheap? Obviously not, this is the consumer value, rather than the enterprise value. You can price people can also be cheap, low-cost characteristics of the industry, rather than a specific competitive advantage.

The core of competition, the cost of competition and efficiency, competition, cost and efficiency, it is possible to bring the value of the Internet, such as the use of micro-propagation network, a substantial reduction in marketing costs, such as high-speed feedback, the supply chain of fast response, and so on.

No blush to say: As long as you have the first member of the site, use the Internet to micro-interpersonal communication, we can zero cost snowball.

This is the e-commerce.