Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template

Too many designers mastered the user rights. They hide all the operations, leaving only a few outside, so you press their way, step by step to continue. Indeed, you do not make mistakes, you complete the task. However, some of the old heart to heart. User in Control ~ This is a design principle of one MS.

Do not know how to write about the control of ideas. About recent simplicity (simplicity) of the wind arrogant, could not bear watching it.

I want to say is, to understand the user, to study the user, after all, you just designers, you guess, you try to figure out, you shut rack their brains in the office, or group of people brainstorming in conference room, it is just yourself or a group of people to imagine it.

We speak with the facts, out of the office, go and talk to your users to see how they live, to live with them, empathy, empathy, then you know where the user's question, why do you like simple, but they happens is like a complex fancy, like some of the long portal home dozens of screen.

In this study the user's process, you understand the user's confusion, they are more tired of those flash ads, more panic in the office there are those who do not open when the inflow of advertising embarrassing, even if it was just a software download site only, he in down to business.

Empathy design is to make you a rich emotional design, real deep understanding of users, making it possible to design different levels to meet their needs.