Thursday, 8 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template
First, the positioning of the site's theme and name
The site's theme is the theme of the site, site design problems first started. Site theme strange, dazzling, as long as the thought that you can make it out. Here is the United States "PC" magazine (PC Magazine) annual ranking of the Top 99 of the nation's top 100 known sites subject ten categories: Category 1: Online Job Hunting; Category 2: Online chat / instant messaging / ICQ; first three categories: online community / discussion / mailing list; 4 categories: computer technology; Category 5: page / site development; 6 categories: entertainment website; Class 7: Travel; Class 8: Reference / information; 9 Category: Family / Education; 10 categories: life / fashion; each category can continue to segment, further divided into categories such as sports entertainment / film / music subcategories, music and the format can be divided into MP3, VQF, Ra etc., according to the classical form of points, modern, rock and so on. Meanwhile, various themes and cross-linking was combined to generate a new theme, such as Tourism Forum (Travel + discussion), the classic play goals (football + video) by this point down, you can have thousands of themes. So many subjects, how to choose? The principle is as follows: 1, subject to a small but fine: positioning the small, the content should be fine. If you want to make a catch-all site, all the wonderful things you think are on top, it tends to backfire, giving the impression that there is no theme, no features, everything there, but everything is very superficial, because you not have so much energy to maintain it. The most important feature is that the new site and fast, the most popular personal home page is updated once a day update or even hours. The latest survey results also show that the network "theme site" than "foolproof station" more loved by the people, like specialty and department stores, if I need to buy a particular aspect of things, will choose to buy the shop. 2, the subject is best or favorite your own good content. For example: you're good at programming, you can create a programming enthusiast website; interested in football, can report on the latest fighting, players on the market. In this production, it will not feel bored or powerless. Interest is the production site of power, not passion, is difficult to design a good website. 3, the subjects not given out too freely or target too high. "Overused" is everywhere, everyone has a theme; such as software download, free information. "Target is too high" means in this subject has been very good, high profile site, you more than it is very difficult.

If the subject matter has been settled, subject to the site can focus on a name. Name of the site is a part of web design, and is a critical factor. You see, "computer learning room" and "Diannaozhijia" is clearly the latter concise; "MIDI Paradise" and "MIDI Paradise" which is obviously clear; "Kids" and "Chinese Kindergarten" is clearly the latter the atmosphere. PIII we all know the Chinese name "Pentium", if changed to "run", so today might not "fire". And in real life, the site name is righteous, loud, easy to remember, the site's image and promotion also has a great influence. My advice is: 1, Name to be positive. In fact, be lawful, and reasonable, and love. Can not be reactionary, pornographic, superstitious, endangering the term social security statement. 2, the name should be easy to remember. Best to use the Chinese name, do not use English or Chinese and English mixed name. In addition, the site should control the number of words in the name of six characters (the best two words) or less, the words can also be used idioms. There are a few good words for links to other sites layout. 3, the name must have features. Name of the plain can be accepted, if they can reflect a certain meaning to the viewer more visual impact and spatial imagination, for the top grade. For example: the avant-garde music, web Taoba, e books time and space. Reflect the theme of the site at the same time, to point out the characteristics of the place.

Positioning the image of the CI website
The so-called CI (corporate identity), through visual means to unify the company's image. An outstanding website, and entities, like companies, need the whole image of the packaging and design. Accurate, creative CI design, web site promotion has a multiplier effect. Specific practices are:

1. Design the site logo (logo)
Like trademarks, logo and content of your site features a concentrated expression, let us see the logo you think of the site. Logo design ideas from your site name and contents:
(1) site representative of the people, animals, flowers, etc., can use them as a design blueprint, to cartoons and artistic, such as Disney's Mickey Mouse, Sohu's cartoon fox and so on.
(2) site professional, the profession can be represented as a symbol of the items. Bank of China signs such as copper, Mercedes Benz steering wheel logo and so on.
(3) the most common and most simple way is to use the English name for your site logo. Using different fonts, letters deformation, a combination of letters can easily create their own logo.

2. The standard color design website
Web site gives the first impression from the visual impact, determine the site's standard color is a very important step. Different colors with different effects, and may affect the mood of visitors. To give an actual example to understand: IBM's Deep Blue, KFC red bar, windows Windows logo on the red and blue yellow and green color, made us feel very appropriate, very harmonious. "Standard color" refers to the website to reflect the image and extend the meaning of color. In general, a site not more than three standard color species, many are dazzling. Standard color to be used for the site logo, header, main menu and the main color. Gives a sense of overall unity. As for the other colors can also be used, just as sand and set off, must not be distracting. Standard color for the color on the website are: blue, yellow / orange, black / gray / white three series of color, with a reasonable pay attention to color.

3. The standard font design website
And standard color, standard font is used for signs, titles, unique to the main menu font. Generally, we page the default font is Arial. In order to reflect the site's "different" and unique style, we can select some special fonts. For example, to reflect the professional can use the coarse italics, designed to reflect the use of advertising body, reflecting the friendly casual handwriting, and so can be used.

4. Design the site tagline
Also be said that the spirit of the site, the site of the target. Sentence or even a word to a high degree of generalization. Similar to the real-life ad verse. For example: the magpie's nest of "excellent"; Maxwell's "good things and good friends to share"; Intel's "Pentium give you a heart" and so on.

Third, determine the site's section
The establishment of a website is like writing an article, first of all to be a good outline of the article in order to subject a clear, clear. If the site structure is not clear, catalog and numerous content east a west one. The results not only confused viewers see their own expansion and maintenance of websites is quite difficult. The subject site is confirmed, and the collection and organization of a number of relevant information content, but how to organize the content to attract users to browse their site? Part is essentially an outline of a site index, the index should be the subject site clearly displayed. General Local arrangements should be

Note the following aspects:
1. To concentrate on the theme
Your subject by a certain method of classification and use them as the main site sections. Theme part in the total number of columns to be dominant, this site was professional, a prominent theme, easy to impress.

2. The establishment of guidelines recently updated or site columns
Set up a "last updated" column, in order to take care of regular visitors, make your home more user-friendly. If the home contents of a large, more levels, but did not stand in the search engine, set the "Site Guide" section to help first-time visitors quickly find what they want.

3. The establishment of the column can be two-way communication
Such as forums, guestbooks, mailing lists, etc., allows visitors to leave their information.

4. Set up to download or FAQ sections
Network is characterized by information sharing. If you set up an information page on the download section, download the necessary information to facilitate the visitors. In addition, if site users often receive letters on certain aspects of the problem, it is best to set up a FAQ sections, both for the convenience of users, you can save yourself more time.

Fourth, determine the site's directory structure
The site's directory is created when you create a site directory. For example: create a site using frontpage98 are created by default the root directory and the images (store image) subdirectories. Directory structure is good or bad, for viewers who do not have much sense, but for maintenance of the site to upload their own content for future expansion and transplantation has an important impact. Here are some suggestions to create the directory structure:

1. Not all files are stored in the root directory, file management will cause confusion
Often confuse what you need to edit and update files, which can remove unwanted files, which are associated with the file and affect efficiency. In addition, the upload speed is slow. Server is usually the root directory create a file index. When you have all the files in the root directory, even if you only update a file upload, the server also need to retrieve all the files and then again, create a new index file. Obviously, the greater the volume of documentation, the waiting time will be longer. Therefore, to minimize the number of the root directory of files stored.

2. By the establishment of sub-section content
Subdirectory of the build, first established by the main menu section. For example: corporate site can be company profile, product descriptions, prices, online orders, feedback, links to establish the appropriate directory. Other minor part, similar to what's new, more content Link, require frequent updates can create a separate subdirectory. Some relevant, not frequently updated sections, such as: on site, on the owners, site experience, etc. can be combined in a unified directory. All programs are generally stored in a specific directory. For example: CGI program on the cgi-bin directory. All the best to download the content in a directory.

3. The main part of each directory is an independent directory of images
For each main section to create a separate images directory is the most convenient management. The images directory under the root directory is used to put the home and some minor part of the picture.

4. The level of the directory not too deep
The level of the directory is not recommended more than three layers, easy maintenance and management.

5. Do not use Chinese directory

6. Do not use long directory

5. To determine the site's link structure
Web page link structure is the link between the topology. It is built on the basis of the directory structure, but across the directory. Create a site's link structure, there are two basic ways:

1. The link structure of the tree
DOS-like directory structure, page link to a page, a page links to two pages. This link structure browsing, one-level access, a level exit. Advantage of clarity, visitors know exactly what their position, not "lost" way. The disadvantage is the low efficiency of browsing, a section under the sub-page to another section under the sub-page, must go around the home.

2. Star link structure
Similar to the network server links are established between each page has a link. The advantage of this link structure is easy to browse, you can always reach your favorite pages. The disadvantage is the link too easy for visitors to get lost, not quite sure what their position, saw how much.