Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Tri Fold Brochure Template

Whether buying links or do link, link quality has been one of the factors are more critical! So how to improve the quality of links here? ! Fuzhou to teach you the following five strokes seo analysis of Invensys Links!

First, the number of links derived from analysis of other

Buying links, it should first analyze each other's export link, according to the principles of the cake, the same pie more people from the less weight the points. The website link too, if the other side too many outgoing links, then your own is not how much to buy into, not so much as to do their own promotion. If the other side of the Export link small, naturally the price will be relatively high, which is natural. Link to a website generally best not to export super thirty, such as the weight of a site is 8, while the export of 80, then the weight assigned to it was only 1 / 10, and of course this is only to be considered by ordinary arithmetic , but the meaning is the same. Therefore, outside the chain of more and export less, with a link to buy a certain level of quality associated.

Second, the weight from the other side of the site analysis

Weight of this thing is mainly for Baidu, but most of the domestic users use Baidu search engine is deliberately so, for the weights webmaster or more valued, the weight also determines the sites linked to the quality, after all, a website link quality is not high , it is difficult to get a high weight, which is a regular Baidu's algorithm may be a standard argument it. Anyway, the other focuses on the right site to buy the link, should be special attention, the same price as two, one is the right one is the weight of 5, 7, but the former than the latter links to export less, naturally prefer the former friends. Reason, you can refer to the first description. Therefore, the weight also affects links to buy their own is really a quality that can not deceive.

Third, snapshots from the other side of the site, included, PR analysis

We all know that even to determine if your website is good is from a snapshot, a collection, PR and other analysis, and for PR, if not for Google ranking optimization, then negligible, because the PR in Baidu did that are not used , Baidu has its own weight, PR for Google to be effective. The Web site contains a snapshot and volume is different, the link quality analysis for owners, most of the time according to a snapshot of the old and new, include the number and speed to determine the surface. Moreover, buying links is the same reason, to judge their own website on the link with the method to judge the quality of the quality of other sites as effective. So, anyway, the pursuit of a snapshot of the new site, a collection of quick links for the analysis of whether to buy quality quite useful.

Fourth, from the other site traffic analysis

You might think that the other can not see the site back to you, so can not analyze, but in fact this is wrong. Webmaster Tools now has an estimated flow functions, probably through this analysis can also line. How much traffic each site can be seen that the surface is valuable, whether we can make their own money to buy the link, and description of each site on the natural flow of considerable value, so that you can not only explain the link to buy from a certain quality, but also can improve their site traffic, so traffic is the other website link to purchase one of the main object of analysis.

Fifth, analysis of site content from the other side

Many webmasters exchange links in particular when they focus on the two sides of the site content, in fact, there are two things you can determine whether their purchase value: 1) the other site content is sub-health, the majority of web content generally unhealthy high flow rate are optimized through a number of tools to enhance non-formal, so the link should buy special note of this. 2) the other site content and your site's relevance. Many links are some of the sale of the type of portal sites, the weight of such sites, PR, snapshot, included are quite amazing, but even then he used the site will look with their correlation is strong, The reason is not related to the role of links to your site will be reduced, naturally, it can be classified as quality Zeyang. So, buy the link should look at each other more site content, the so-called Zhiyizhibi, know yourself.